Security of Car Parks

Main Car Park

Enquiries have been made to find out what we can do to prevent non members parking in the club parking facilities. Basically the only thing we can do legally is stop them getting in there in the first place. We must not lock any vehicles into the club car park such as the rightful owner cannot remove it; the police advise that this is an offence for which we can be prosecuted. Consequently it is important that the gate be shut and locked not only when you leave the car park but also when you leave your car parked there. It really is not that hard to do. If you see the gate open when it is unoccupied please close it and lock it.

Cave Car Park 

A chain and bollard has been installed at the car park to the cave etc. This will be secured by a combination lock that uses the existing club padlock number. It has been put up as a deterrent to stop non club members from parking there. With a bit of luck your inflatables can either be carried over or under the chain which means you may not have to remove the chain. The strain on the chain is taken by a standard clip and the combination lock secures it. Please, if your are removing the chain. put both the strain clip and lock back on.